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Faculty of Engineering
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CFD, Turbulence and Combustion Research Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Qom

In CTCRlab, we are conducting research in the area of fluid mechanics and heat transfer concentrating in the special fields including Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction and VIV, Biological and Biofluid Flows, Energy System Design and Optimization, Air Pollution and Particle (discrete phase) Dynamics, Flow-Meter Devices Design and Optimization, Agricultural Fluid Mechanics, Turbulent Flows and Non-Linear Dynamical Systems, Machine-Learning, Deep-Learning and Surrogate Models of Fluid Flows and Non-Linear Dynamical Systems, Propulsion and Power Systems, Acoustics, Aero-acoustics and Hydro-acoustics, Mirco and Nano fluid flows. We are using a high performance computing platform which is constructed based on a cloud computing framework. Our researches are dividing into two major disciplines including development of CFD and prediction models computer codes and simulation of engineering problems using commercial CFD softwares.
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