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Mohammad Kazem Moayyedi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Qom

PhD Students

Mohsen Niknam (University of Birjand)
(PhD Student of Mechanical Engineering)

(With Collaboration Dr. SafaviNejad)

Reduced Order Modeling of Combined Radiation-Conduction Heat Transfer

Mina Golzar (University of Qom)

(PhD Student of Computer Engineering)
(With Collaboration Prof. Fotouhi)

Reduced Order Modeling of Complex Dynamical System Using Deep Learning Method

Mahdi Kherad (University of Qom)

(PhD Student of Computer Engineering)
(With Collaboration Prof. Fotouhi)
Deep Learning Based Surrogate Model of Complex Dynamical System

M.Sc. Students

Farshad Sabaghzadeghan

Reduced Order Modeling of Fluid Flow, Linear and Non-Linear Problems

Vahid Azaditalab

Large Eddy Simulation of Flow and Air Pollutants around Urban Buildings

Mohsen Esfandi

Unsteady Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation through Nozzle

Sajjad Shahriari

Numerical Simulation of Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in  Agricultural Greenhouses

Alireza Khoshnavid

Numerical Simulation of Dust Accumulation on the surface of the Photovoltaic Cell

Mohsen Yousefi

Simulation of Electro-Magnetic Flow Meters

Mehran Heidari

Numerical Simulation of Composite Form of Flow-Induced Vibration Energy Harvester

Elaheh Razani

CFD Simulation of Flow-Induced Vibration Based Energy Harvester

Nikoo Ahadi

LES Modeling of Dust Deposition

Roya Rabiey

CFD Simulation of Biological Systems

Farzaneh Lotfi

Graduated (M.Sc.)

Milad Najafbeygi(Aerospace Engineering)
Ali Bashardust(Mechanical Engineering)
Morteza Marvi(Aerospace Engineering)
Ahmad Ghaedi(Mechanical Engineering)
Mahdi Hashemi(Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Fahimeh Sefat(Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Faezeh Zahdei(Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Ali Ahmadi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Graduated (B.Sc.)
Saber AdelNejad(Mechanical Engineering)
Ali Bashardust(Mechanical Engineering)
Ahmad Mirzaei(Mechanical Engineering)
Morteza Doroudi(Mechanical Engineering)
Hadi Dehghan(Mechanical Engineering)
Mehrdad Kazemi(Mechanical Engineering)
Ali ZiaeiNia(Mechanical Engineering)
Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi(Mechanical Engineering)
Rodik Khachikian(Mechanical Engineering)
Erfan Vaezi (Mechanical Engineering)
Mohammad Reza Shahverdi(Mechanical Engineering)

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